American Instructor Now accepting students...
Hi... I am an American/dual E.U.-resident and pedagogical venturist currently working within the linguistics sector, both for corporate individuals and young adults (circa. 17yrs +). I am currently seeking a conventional and/or challenging teaching position. I focus on American English-accent pronunciation and professional/academic development. I was originally born and raised in New York City and hold dual E.U.-citizenship. I possess NIE and Spanish Social Security numbers. My teaching experiences range widely between 3 continents and is visible on my CV (available upon email request!) 
American English is my native language. I speak a substantial amount of Spanish (Castellano) when compared to most local foreign teachers and I have a useful understanding of German and Dutch. I am a great team player and also work well on my own! I often like to focus on details and presentation and like things to be organized. I am fun, innovative, caring, reliable and professional.

I am accepting one-to-ones, and groups for short-term/temporary immersion courses. I am open to discussing long-term offers and specific dates. Feel free to ask any questions or pose concerns to me. 

Best regards!