#EnglishWithMeaning - English conversation via Skype -15€
TEFL certified on-line teacher within the reach of your fingertips! 

Please contact me via e-mail - we will organize 30min free conversation to talk about your level and your language goals and then we can START #EnglishWithMeaning classes! Bored with text books? Do you want to have meaningful social and business conversations?

What I offer:
- 60min of interesting conversation on topics you need in your life. 
- I'm going to correct your grammar but not in the "school style" I'll also listen to your pronunciation
- you will be given "grammar homework" Com'on a little bit of effort goes a long way! 
- You will see your language goles reached in no time!

I recommend classes twice a week! 

Entiendo y hablo español y voy a usarlo si sera nesesario. Pero creo que tu inglés mejoraara mas rapido sin uso de español