A Native FRENCH speaker needed to teach  as an assistant teacher to Primary  Secondary students in a school  in   Barcelona
Due the  immediate start, these positions only can be offered to a European Passport holders , or to a no European citizen but  with a student visa.
22 hours a week. The hours will be completed between 09.00 to 17.00 Monday to Friday 
The assistant teacher will be  send the specific timetable at the beginning of the position and induction enough about the role.
Moreover the assistant teacher will  be assigned a personal tutor during the whole placement. 
Starting date:  asap 2017 
Ending date:  May 31th 2017.
Accommodation: Free accommodation comprising living on a flat with a family of
the school in full board, plus in addition 445 Euros a month grant
We will be  pleased to provide you detail information of this position, the specific timetable and all the support provided.
Thank you for contacting us!!!