Aupair looking for a host family
Hello Barcelona Families!
I am looking for a nice host family near the city center to assist in helping you look after your children, including helping them with their english and anything else you might need, in exchange for pay/somewhere to stay/meals/whatever you think is fair.
I am from the United States and have just graduated from university. I am looking for adventure and am looking to move back to Spain after having studied there for a semester. I have been a nanny for young children for about 4 years and have a passion for working with them. I am super friendly, energetic, responsible, and safety always comes first for me.
Please email me if you are interested.
Thank you! 

Also, I think it's good to mention that I am a girl although a have a boy's name :) Sometimes that confuses people so I feel it necessary to mention. 
Thank you!